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The Fun way to Shop for a Mattress

You know you've officially hit thirty when you trade shopping for you closet for shopping for your house. Over the weekend, I ventured to the cutest boutique mattress store and had a pleasant shopping experience. If you are looking for a mattress, I'd highly recommend trying Chiromatic, a New Jersey based mattress brand where 100% of their products are made in the US.

Highlights to take away from the brand and my shopping experience:

- There are three mattress options: Vitality, Serenity and Classic; my favorite option is the Serenity as it is the perfect blend between firm and soft.

- All products are made in the USA.

- The pricing is competitive; you are getting a high quality mattress for a reasonable price.

- This is not a bed in a box, but you don't necessarily need a box spring.

I've got a code for you guys! Use ALLISON175 to get $175 off any mattress and free microfiber sheets (!!) I wish you could feel the sheets, they are like sleeping on a cloud. Speaking of sleeping on a cloud, I paired by Serenity mattress with their hybrid pillow and it's the best sleep I've ever had.

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