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Top Favorites from FemmeLuxeFinery

It's been a while since I took the time to blog post some outfits. Figure most of you, like me, just want to know where you can buy the outfit and not necessarily need paragraphs on paragraphs about it.

So I will keep this short and sweet, linking all my outfits below and let me just be honest -- I do kinda love all of these pieces (but I'm ranking them):

#1: The Babydoll Dress

|| dress || jacket || boots || leggings ||

#2 The Ruffle Top

|| top ||

#3 The Quarantine Lounge

|| off the shoulder crop top || gray sweats ||

#4 The Jumpsuit

|| jumpsuit ||

#5 The Velour Dress

|| dress || leather jacket || shoes ||

#5 The Black Dress

|| dress ||

#6 The Comfy Sweat Set

|| sweat set ||

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