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The Everyday Practical Handbag Collection

One thing I've learned in 'adulting' is that a girl can't be fancy ALL THE TIME. Some days we just want to be practical, relaxed (but always stylish), so when I learned of Eberhart, a quality driven and affordable line that fouses on making all our lives easier, I had to try out all the styles. I'm highlighting my three favorites below:


This bag goes from crossbody to shoulder bag real quick. It's my go-to for running errands and also a great option for date nights. Anyone else get stuck holding their boyfriends/husbands everything? Girl, I feel you and this bag is for you. This bag has over three compartments and fits everything I (or we) could possibly need, without being bulky. #WinWIn


Perfect for the girl on the run (literally). Lightweight and tons of storage for the perfect walk on the trail, walk down the grocery isle or walk down the terminal. Plus it's my favorite color.


Okay, I am a huge fan of the belt bag. It is perfect for girl's night out, errand runs and just any time you want to be like 'look ma, no hands.' This bag fits my phone, wallet and keys without looking bulky.

These are just some of my favorites from the Eberhart collection.

They also sell luggage, laptop bags and duffel bags. You can check out all of their collections here.

Now happy shopping!

Although the products listed above may be gifted, my opinions above are honest and cannot be bought :)

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