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It's Sunny in New Jersey

Oh hey, it's just another sunny day in New Jersey which means another day by the pool and another day at the beach. I've been spending my summer days hanging in my backyard with my new bestie (see rubber ducky here) and my new bathing suit (compliments of Lilly & Lime).

Now, not to give myself too much credit here, but I definitely picked the best bathing suit off their website. This bikini top stays on jumping through waves, attempting to surf & doing back flips off a diving board. I am absolutely in love.

They have a great collection of bathing suits, but you can shop my exact look here & here.

Let me give you a little 411 on Lilly & Lime.

They are specialized swimwear label started by two best friends, who grew up on the beaches of Africa, designed for women of D cup & up (aka a blessing.)

I love the brand (and am stocking up on all their pieces) because they fit PERFECTLY.

Shopping for the perfect swimsuits have never been easier and for me, I'd rather spend less time trying on bathing suits & more time in the water.

So take a stop over at Lilly & Lime the next time you're in the market for a great bathing suit (that no one else will have :) by the way) & let me know what you think!

Stay tan! xx A

Although the items in this post were gifted, the opinions are my own. Compliments of Shopping Links and Lilly & Lime.

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