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If You Want It, Buy It #NSale

Buyer's remorse. Does it exist? I always felt as though when I didn't buy something that was the real moment of regret. I still hold a grudge (Mom, remember when I was 14 and you wouldn't buy me the Burberry sweatshirt that didn't fit? Yep.)

Words of advice from this fashion blogger: if you want it, buy it.

Especially if it's apart of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because chances are it will be sold out before you can say "I'll think about it."

Exhibit A: this BP dress which I love love love.

I bought it before the sale was open to the public (#bloggerperks) & I am super glad I did because it is GONE.

But don't worry, I've got you covered on other great dresses from the #NSale that are TRUE bargains. Now let's get shoppin' ladies:

|| dress one || dress two || dress three ||

Now, as you know, Nordstrom restocks so if I see the dress make a comeback, you'll be the first to know. And in the meantime, be sure to check my 'SHOP OUTFITS' pages for first look on all my favorite looks.

Until next time. xx


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