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A Rockefeller Outfit

Winter Time in the City is spectacular.

The lights, the events, the tree. And every year, I do the same thing.

Birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant & strolling around Rockefeller with my girl friends.

It never gets old.

If you're lucky enough to experience NYC at Christmas, cherish it.

I sometimes feel like I take it for granted having all of this in my backyard.

It's seeing it at Christmas that reminds me of how lucky I am.

It's a shame that it takes the holidays to really make us think about how lucky we can be.

I've learned to appreciate everything I have and everything I don't.

It's important to give back especially in your community.

That's why I am proudly supporting Nordstrom's Shoes That Fit campaign.

For each $10.00 donation a pair of shoes is donated to a child in your community.


|| jacket || leggings || boots || bag ||

I am obsessed with this faux-fur jacket and it's under $50 #winwin

Happy Holidays, my friends xox

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