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October Over-The-Knee Vibes: Part 1

Happy First Day of October!

It's a great time of the year, the season of over-the-knee boots have arrived.

Now yes, we all run to Stuart Weitzman for our OTK boots, but when you want them in every color, it gets pricey. I mean sorry if I'm wrong but I'm not down for dropping $10,000.00 on boots for a season.

So I've done my research and have trial and errored this season's OTK collections.

Here is my recommendation: AmiClubWear

These boots can be bought here and they are under $25.00

I've worn them for two weeks already and

yes, they are comfortable and yes, they are still in great condition.

For all of you asking about my dress: you can shop it here.

Happy Shopping! Stay tuned for more OTK recommendations to come - this week!

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