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Healthy Hair 101: The Blonde Edition

Hi lovelies, I'm here to talk one of my favorite topics: the beauty basics.

From makeup to skincare from haircare to beauty hacks...

P.S – There’s a giveaway at the bottom of this post!

It’s inevitable. We are always looking for ways to step up our hair game. But if you’re like me, you want perfect hair in about ten minutes. I mean, who has the time to really spend on hair. Whether you’re a #bloggerboss, #corporateboss or a #girlboss, truth be told, we all have better things to do in the morning than focus on our hair.

I’ve teamed up with TicketChat to talk all things healthy hair, answer all your beauty questions and give one lucky winner a $100 Sephora giftcard. TicketChat is a new conversation marketplace app focused on beauty, fashion and fitness where fans will join to participate in group chats and live streaming with their favorite beauty influencers. Download TicketChat here.

I will be giving useful, exclusive tips on haircare, skincare and all things beauty during my live TicketChat video stream. I will be answering your questions so make sure to come hang. I will be live on TicketChat, Tuesday, August 30. Get your free ticket now.

Now ladies, I have ten easy tips to cut your hair prep time in half (plus a little blonde-spiration help too!), but be sure to come chat with me on August 30, 2016 for more:

  1. Rotate shampoo & conditioner. I can’t tell you to use just one line because I don’t use one solo line. I have A LOT of favorites when it comes to hair products and I rotate daily. Best part? It will keep your hair on its A-GAME. I'll disclose all my products in the chat.

  2. Use product when wet. If you have hair like mine, this is important. I always add a de-tangler to damp hair to make brushing easier. And always brush out your hair after it’s almost dry or completely dry.

  3. Speaking of, air dry. I am a firm believer in the air dry technique. It is on rare occasion that I personally blow my hair out.

  4. Sleep on it. I’ve noticed my hair is always better when slept on.

  5. Product! Seriously, where would we be without it? And just like shampoo & conditioner, I can’t just choose one. I need a different product for different styles. Come chat to hear my favorites.

  6. Only use heat tools when necessary. I rarely straighten or curl my hair because I let the product do all the work. For a little more emphasis, I straighten or curl only a few pieces.

From one blonde to another, here are my tips to keeping your blonde at its blondest:

  • Everyone says purple shampoo is the key. I disagree. I've got 2 great products I can't wait to share with you during the chat.

  • Yes, skip days when washing, but toner is always a good idea.

  • Find a colorist and never let them go. I only get my hair done at one salon: FourteenJay in TriBeca. It’s important to get quality hair color. You can’t just wing this. Always keep up on your blonde too. Don’t let too much time pass in between touch ups.

For more detail, answers to all your questions AND tutorials come hang on August 30

Now last but not least, the giveaway

I'm excited to chat with all of you and talk all things beauty!

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