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You Say Dress, I Say Vest

Ciao lovelies! We're almost to summer (insert happy dance) and I need to share these super chic sandals with you... and of course, the rest of my spring vibes outfit.

Now are these shoes comfortable, may you ask? Honestly, mixed feelings. Yes, to walking around for a night out; No, to dancing in them for three hours.

But I love the color and the style and they're such a good deal!

Details below:


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What I truly love about this dress turned vest is just that. You can wear it as a dress... or you can wear it as a vest. I love versatile pieces. Not to mention I love versatile pieces that are also on sale. And right now, both this dress and shoes are on sale (under $100 each!)

Happy Shopping, fashionistas! xox

Photographer: Lauren Ashley

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