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If The Choo Fits

Who says a good pair of shoes can't change your life? I mean, Cinderella hello.

Shoes and food are two things in life where I spare no expense. But let's just clear the air: if it came down to shoes or food, food for the win.

I believe in classics when it comes to shoes. I don't really follow the trends that much because my style reflects simplicity footwear and I take my risks with my outfits. I love nothing more than a pair of classic black pumps. And these Jimmy Choo's are, in my opinion, a great investment. They are SO comfortable. I wouldn't lie to you. (I'll never tell you Louboutin's are comfortable.)

You can shop my exact heel here.

Now in case you want a more affordable shoe: I've got your covered.

These shoes are comfortable and well made, just a little less expensive :)


This one piece jumpsuit is a must have for spring & summer. It can be dressed up or dressed down easily. Although my exact jumpsuit is sold out (although you may be able to find it at Nordstrom Rack) I've linked some similar options below:

Mobile users: option one, option two, option three

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