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Angela Roi & Abercrombie.

So let's talk fall.

As I sit here with my cappuccino (not pumpkin flavored, by the way) it occurs to me tomorrow is October & for me this means WELCOME FABULOUS MONTH OF HALLOWEEN. I am a sucker for all this autumn so naturally I was thrilled to receive Angela Roi's cross body in wine red. My favorite color for obvious reasons.

If you haven't heard of Angela Roi here is a little background: Stylish vegan handbags that not only benefit your closet, but also benefit charitable foundations. Proceeds of each handbag are donated to a selected charity. You can shop the collections here.

Outfit details:

|| blouse: abercrombie & fitch || jacket: philosophy by republic clothing (similar) || jeans: abercrombie & fitch || heels: sam edelman ||

A huge thank you to my amazing & brilliant photographer, Lauren, whose creativity is inspiring.

Make sure you check out her website &

follow her on Instagram @iamlaurenashley

You can shop this specific purse here

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