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You have asked and now I'm answering:

Q. Who takes all your photos?

A. Most of my photos are done by @laurenashleyphotog unless I'm in NYC then they are done by @laurelcreative.

Q. Where do you get your hair done?

A. The one and only @FourteenJay in TriBeCa. They are an Aveda salon & the only people I allow to touch my hair. They do my color, cut and style.

Q. What is an online retailer you highly recommend?

A. and, I love their clothing and the quality of their clothing.

Q. What are the Nikes you are always wearing?

A. Nike Flex for women. I have three of the exact same pair.

Q. What is your advice to new bloggers?

A. Stay true to yourself, don't follow the trend. What works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa. Don't give up!

Feel free to ask away on the 'About Me' tab. I'll be updating these questions :)

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