I'll admit it. I'm that girl who wears sunglasses when it rains. I'll even wear them until the sky is almost black. I love sunglasses. And I'm guilty of being a repeat offender. I own many pairs, but let's face it, I only really wear one. 

Finding the perfect pair, it c...


I am a firm believer in the leather jacket. You've probably noticed I have atleast one outfit a week in one. They can dress up or dress down an outfit and plus they have that badass element (& sometimes we need that).

I've rounded up my favorite leather jackets this sea...


SMILE. Spring is right around the corner.

One of my favorite accessories in the winter are scarves, so I've shopped around for the perfect scarf to wear in the spring. Ta-Da, I found it.

This Burberry scarf has the classic Burberry check in a lightweight material.

It's pe...


My go to outfit will forever be black denim and a leather jacket. It's the outfit I feel the most comfortable in and it makes me feel edgy with a little bit of chic. Not to mention this November weather is perfect for leather. I always accent my heels to be the stateme...

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